Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Accident

He put the gun down
(It was just an accident)
He wiped her bloody crown
(It was just a silly argument)
He tried to find a pulse
Founding none he started to convulse
Wrapped in woe
He never meant to hurt her
How would he know
it’d kill her right after?

Now he is shrouded with utter guilt
Of a crime he didn’t mean to commit
As she lays there motionless
Glowing with innocence
He wants to call 911
But what if they see the gun?
He holds her body close
As it grows colder under his nose
It crushes him inside
To see she’s still a beautiful sight

By God, what have he done?
He shouldn’t have touched the gun.


kei-1 said...

beautifully written.

now is that just destiny or human weakness. I wonder...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

thanks...i think it's human weakness. Some things just can't be undone.

Zen said...

I see some similarities to one of Damien Rice's song - 9 Crimes.

Try listening to it if you have the chance.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yeah...i guess it does hold the same message in it...

Melancholic Fool said...

I wish i wish...
that we would never falter
I wish i wish
that we could be more careful
i wish i wish
that patience would always be in me

I would have turn myself in...
because i love too much...

(probably what's the guy is thinking)

asriharif said...

OMG.... sedihnya ini cerita...

"Love doesn't die even if the body is without a soul"

(aku membayangkan lelaki itu adalah aku - waaaa )