Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seasons Fulfilled

There’s no summer here
Nor there is spring
There’s no fall here too
And of course it doesn’t snow

But if you look around you –

Sometimes the sun does shine
Sometimes the flowers do bloom
Sometimes the wind do blow
And if you wanted it to,
you might see some snow

Sometimes all you need is hope
‘Coz sometimes, things do get better

With the seasons a-passing
And with the time a-coming
Someday on a fine sunny day
Things will get better.


MeMeR said...

Keeping my fingers crossed..

Shamimi Haniza said...

Definitely, things will get better

raymond said...

manda, em ... facebook saya. add me ba. ^^

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Your poem is the same to my favourite song, "Bittersweet Symphony." Although there are many difficulties in life, we must continue our life and cherish it. With a smile.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

it is?hm, i never noticed its lyric...i just like the tune... :)

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Actually, i used this song for my project paper for dr. edwin. It was one hell of work, but i manage it. Thank God.