Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Lecture

Well actually, it's the last day of lecture. In UPM. In a university. In a time and space where you are at the peak of your youth. Where you can be free. Where you can be all what you want to be. Where you can do whatever shit you want. Where you can be silly. Where you can be reckless. Where you are an all true varsity student.

The end is finally here. It gets nostalgic. It gets sad. It made me think, how can two years pass by so fast? The two sweetest years of my life. They say college/university is where you have the time of your life. Indeed it is true. I had it and I have no regrets. The people that I've met, the things that I have done. I have seized it. I have seized the day. And now here comes the end. I'm not so sure if I'm ready to let go, and go back that hell hole called IPTI.

I'm gonna miss this place a whole lot. Some people say "ala, UPM sucks anyway". Yes, it might be for you. Not if you are from a teacher training college where they treat you like a 13 year old, then you'll know. Then you'll be able to savour the short time of freedom, the short time of youth.

Gosh, I think I'm gonna cry.


sHeiLa said...

i feel u girl..

that was the feeling when i stepped out from the lecture hall on the last day at USM 3 years back.

oh my, 3 tahun suda sa grad!!uhuuuuuuuuuuuuu

kei-1 said...

yeah its going to be over soon... but it was time well spent though. nothing to regret about i supposed.

MeMeR said...

i can feel you girl,
so sad isnt it,
will lose a kaki clubbing,

Shamimi Haniza said...

Relax Manda,
Just think that class finish at 1.30 and after that u can do whatever u want, i thnk u can start to smile.
Btw, ida start blogging. Hehehe. Terkena pengaruh "someone". Kalo ada masa, datang la jenguk!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

thanks guys... *sob*

Sheila, u are a three-years experienced teacher already :)

Mer, im gonna be recluse once i go back jb...huhu...

Mi, since when u blogging ni?! hehe

chegu carol said...

you cannot tukar college kah? i mean, like transfer from IPTI to another teaching institution? back to keningau perhaps? ;)

MeMeR said...

Hahahaha,find kaki there la later,huhuhuhu