Thursday, April 23, 2009


Life as I know it, ends today.

May I not stay restless and be in peace.


Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Well, you are not the only one. Next sem, we will be in the land of communist. Strict rules and law enforcers, old people (very old people), boring lessons, no edwin, become like slave. Huhuhu. I can't wait to finish this course.

MeMeR said...

Dr Edwin is going to another uni.
How pathetic can it be for us

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Are you sure? When I met him, he said different thing. He is not going to university. He told me soon you will find out.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

communist your take on IPTI...hehe...sooo...where is he exactly going then? that sucks if he's going to another uni...somebody has to stop him!

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

I don't think he is going to another university. When i asked him which university he is going, he said he is not going to university. he is not going to teach for a while or something. then, he said soon i will find out. My guess is he is going to do something like journalist or something to do with literature. I remembered when he said writing about Brickfield. i think his new job probably in that area. Writing about something.

MeMeR said...

Prbably he is becoming an actor,
in art scene,
theater and play perhaps