Friday, March 27, 2009

Molehill to Mountain

Little mole –
Scurrying in a hurry
Digging up, digging up
Baking the soil under the sun
Your little hill is nothing but a joke
Frustrated, for you can’t take a poke
So you dig up, and dig up more
Making it bigger than before
It is a mountain now
Absurd and silly
Little mole –

Was it really necessary?


raymond said...

Little mole -
Young and stupid
Digging up, digging up
Making way for them behind
It's not a joke
Frustrated, for them have left
So he dig up, and dig up more
Not knowing the outside
He's lost inside
Hoping to find a way out
Losing and dying
Little mole -

^.^ I'm not sure what this mean, I just write what I feel currently after reading this post.

talk to you soon.

Asrih Arif said...

Why Mole? I'd rather write something about .... deer or maybe ant... but MOLE? I don't even thing I've ever seen one before my eyes hahaha...

Or maybe you're wishing to have A MOLE?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Raymond: thanks for replying me with a poem. It can mean whatever you want it to mean. But it's actually about people who turns small matter into a giganto one, which is really childish I should think. I like your take on it anyway :)

Asrih: erm,coz its from that idiom making a mountain out of a molehill sure there got lots of mole, malaysia memang teda la..haha..and i wish to have a ferret or hedgehog though,not mole :D