Friday, March 20, 2009


They told me. I’m not! So what if I didn’t cry my bleeding eyes out reading P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern?

That’s right. Not a tiny drop of tear, no thickening lump in the throat, no liquid rush up the nose and no tugging of the heart. Not after the first chapter, not at a quarter of the story, not at half and even not at the end. And they said I would tear up at every page. Tsk.

Come on! It wasn’t THAT sad. Seriously! It was more bittersweet with unnecessary slapstick events described in English for eleven years old and above.

I can see throngs of Ahern’s fans and sensitive readers chasing after me with fork and torches in the near future.

But seriously. I don’t even feel sad reading it. And believe it or not, I am a highly sensitive person who’d even cry while watching the most ridiculous movies at the most ridiculous scenes. I cried in Spider-man 3 when Harry the bag of hotness died. See – not heartless.

I’m not saying the book is bad; in fact I did enjoy it. But it just didn’t reach me and gripped my heart like a cannibal whose favourites are inner organs. The main reason would probably because I had too high expectations for this ‘really sad book’. Believe me, I tried so hard. I tried to be sad to conform to others’ view but I just can’t. I flipped every page in hoping I’d finally be able to squeeze a nano tear, but nada. Another reason would probably because I’m done with the chic lit phase since I’ve been reading serious shits lately. And reading too much linguistically advanced literature books makes me feel my intelligence is being insulted when reading such an ‘easy’ book. And I just don’t think it’s THAT sad! I’ve read sadder stories (and that’s from those serious shits). Yup, I have to list down all these reasons to people who scorn me for not crying and accusing me of not having a heart.

So far, only 1 out of 20 people who read the book felt the same as I do. And I hugged her with gratitude for understanding me, as she made me feel that I’m not alone in this world where its occupants cry when reading P.S. I Love You.

I'm gonna run for cover now.


Asrih Arif said...

manda... hw can u not shed even a tear for this amazing plus sad book... read it with emotion manda... (aku pula bah yg telebih)..

phyllicia likes the book!!

chegu carol said...


i think i know what kind of reads to buy for you in case i owe you a gift. ;)

Atie Kamil said...

hey babe..i read that book 1st time in high school (it was already out wayyy back then, only got its hype now)
and no, its not a tearjerker for me..
not now, not even back then..

Jessica_Lyne said...

I'm one of those 20 ppl you know! I cried. But then i read it when i was 18/19?, it is a sadwonderfulsweet book, but yes, there r better tearjerkers out there:)

MeMeR said...

Em,i havent had a chance to read it,kuikui

Amanda Christine Wong said...

asrih: i think phyllicia will kill me if she reads this post! hehe

carol: hehe...i hope u dont get me too serious reads that can make me hate the whole world for its evilness...

atie: THANK YOU!

Jess: I'm ducking for cover now....hehe

Mer: dont even bother ;p

norbahira said...

the book is creepy...its like being a necrophiliac..still in love with dead people?? and did you watch the movie...hilary swank never look worse, espacially alongside the cute cute cute cute cute gerard butler...hehehe

Phoebe said...

I read the book and shed buckets of tears. Haha.. Didn't sniffle through each page but bawl I did in most parts. No, I won't kill you manda cz I know what you mean. I experienced it myself when I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Everyone was raving at what a super great movie it was (some say it was even better then Avatar kunu!)and when I went to watch it I was so full of expectations that it would wow my socks off... I waited for the WOW moment... and waited... and waited... until the end.. No wow moment for me.

Felt like an outcast for weeks after and avoid the subject whenever Percy Jackson's fans start discussing the movie.. Hahahaha...