Thursday, March 5, 2009

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound: The Ultimate Clubbing Experience

This is one club that lives up to its name. 12 hours later, I’m still at a euphoric state, itching to go there again. I’m in love.

Everything about it is just uber-cool. As you enter the club, you feel like entering a gold class cinema with its lush carpeting. And there’s this bright word plastered on the wall of the entrance – PREPARE. Indeed, I wasn’t prepared to expect such awesomeness. When you enter, you’ll have to walk up a flight of spiraling stairs flashing with psychedelic colours. The stairs look like those stairs in teenage prom movies where the guy or girl of your dream is waiting for you as you go up the stairs. And finally, we reached the house of supreme coolness. I was stunned. It’s huge! It has high hemispheric ceiling and the dance floor is a like round vast skating rink. The dance floor is at a lowered platform, like a swimming pool emptied for people to dance in it. And there are two podiums for people to dance on, and on that night we went, two guitarists were rocking out on each podium. I almost died.

And of course, the music was absolutely wicked. It was Mix Tape night, so it was suppose to be a mixture of different music like pop, R&B, rock and house. However, the way the DJs mashed up all the songs like The White Stripes and Lady Gaga were completely fresh and freakin’ insane. It really lives up to its description that “a fusion that is fresh…yet strangely familiar.”

The best thing about the club is that it is the only non-smoking club in Malaysia so you don’t get that suffocating feeling from people who smoke like chimneys. And when you get home, you won’t stink of the bad mixture of smoke and sweat ‘coz there’s no smoke! For the first time in my life, I went back feeling clean and I didn’t have to soak my clothes for a week to get the cigarette stench off. Heaven.

Other gold points about this club would be the fact that it is free for ladies to enter ALL NIGHT LONG. And the toilets are a far cry from those regular dank, stinky, smoky, cramped club toilets. For one, it is really, really clean. And two, there’s no drunken girls hanging around in the toilet smoking like a coal factory. Me love cleanliness.

And finally, three last words to describe Euphoria: BEST. CLUB. EVER.

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MeMeR said...

You knew how i wanted to go there,
argh, bring me along next time