Monday, February 9, 2009

Ode to The Ghastly

The Ruler of the universe
Played a nasty joke on me;
With utmost authority,
He plunged me into darkness.

He brought out The Ghastly,
To reign over me,
Could it be from my own transgression -
That causes this morbid depression?

So break the arms I have slit,
Drown me in arsenic; bury me in dirt,
I do not need a casket,
For The Ghastly will drag me out of it.

But then I opened my eyes,
The soil stinging and darkness ruling;
The Ghastly doesn't kill, only brings suffering,
I will survive, for I have found out his vice.

So I thrusted my hand up the grave,
Arising from the dirt to the cold twisted night
Like a zombie staggering through the cemetry maze,
I went to search for his kryptonite.

Armed with stick paint of every hue,
I puckered up, and started practicing,
For I'll master this art of serious ass-kissing
To get my damn research paper through.

**The writer is currently suffering from ungodly depression. She got one of the worst supervisors on Earth, who has no idea at all who King Lear is but insists to be a god in literature. And this is a literature research paper. And oh, he vanishes from the face of the earth everytime he steps out of class. Oh Lord, have mercy.


MeMeR said...

I feel bad for the writer whom i know,hahahha

Atie Kamil said...

send this to my chemical romance..u'll start receiving royalty checks!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

if only MCR can make him go away....

Atie Kamil said...

owh no..not even liza minelli can chase him away..he's here to stay