Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Inneresting citizens we are

These newspaper ad cuttings are from The Sun dated on the 4th of February 2009:

1. Makes me wanna quit my TESL course and take this course instead. It’s not ridiculous, it’s EDUCATION!!

2. This man is looking for a “simple” Chinese lady. Hm…he didn’t mean a simpleton, right? 'Coz you know, he wouldn't want all his hard earning established business to get all swindled, right?

3. Adorable, sweet, young, lonely...Eddy, you are sooo twisted.

4. I guess engineers aren’t hot stuffs anymore.

5. Ravi: Are you my new mommy? Are you as desperate as daddy too?

6. Boy, this guy surely doesn’t believe in racial integration.

7. How subtle.

8. It’s just a massage, right? I don’t have to bring condoms, right? Just in case, no?


Zen said...

a new low.

Rudy said...

the 1st one attracts me :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you went to call already tu kan!