Monday, January 5, 2009

2009, you suck.

So much for expecting sunshine in 2009. I hate 2009.

I have a research paper to write. And I'm not even a senior! Only final students do that. What gives?

I hate 2009.

I have to wear formal clothes i.e decent skirts every Tuesdays and Thurdays. For the first half an hour Edwin was knocking some sense in our sleepy heads what literature is REALLY about, I can't help thinking - I don't have fricking formal clothes here! \

I hate 2009.

I have classes on Fridays. Which is so weird coz we didn't have it lasts sem. It's sooo hard to get use to it.

I hate 2009.

Allowance will only come in March, rumors had it. Using the RM200 your parents give you so that you don't resort to eating maggi is horrible. Especially when you use it to buy 5 pairs of shoes at one go instead.

I hate 2009.

I'm ACTUALLY suppose to learn how to be, and to think like a teacher, all the courses I'm taking this semester said so. Dude, isn't it too early? Like, waaay early to learn all those stuffs...Can't we have something fun, say, theatre? Again?

I hate 2009.

2009, you disappoint me.


SaM said...

Oh I hate 2009 too. Crappy inconsiderate roommates, and so-called friends who forget about your existence. You have no idea. At least you're not alone.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

thank you!

rudy said...

Its just a few day in 2009, and you're going to hate the entire 2009?... :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

if it's not a good start...

Atie Kamil said...

they tricked us with less subject when the truth is the we have much more crap to do
and as if having edwin for one subject is not torturing enough!!!!